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Child Care


It is the mission of the Newark Unified School District Child Care Program to provide a safe, nurturing environment that supports the families’ and school’s efforts in helping children become lifelong learners who possess the cognitive social emotional skills, ethics, and creativity to reach their full potential as contributing, productive, responsible citizens.

The District Child Care office is closed during the month of July. You may drop off any enrollment paperwork for the 14-15 school year in our 24hr drop box outside the Child Care office portable #24. The Child Care office will re-open on Monday August 4th.

Department Directory

Nidia Sanchez-Rico  Childcare Coordinator

 (510) 818-4159    nsanchez@newarkunified.org

Rebecca Felix Administrative Secretary

(510) 818-4138       rfelix@newarkunified.org

  Account Tech  (510) 818-4223    

Child Care Locations

Centers Address Office Phone Child Care Phone Lead Contact Hours of Operation
District Office 5715 Musick Ave  (510) 818-4159  

Nidia Sanchez-Rico

Child Care Coordinator


7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Bunker School 6071 Smith St. (510) 818-3100 (510) 818-3141

Luz Chamberlain, Lead II


7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Kennedy School 35430 Blackburn (510) 818-3400 (510) 818-3441




7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Lincoln School 36111 Bettencourt St. (510) 818-3500 (510) 818-3541

Katherine Knight, Lead II


7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Milani School 37490 Birch St (510) 818-3600 (510) 818-3641

Soledad Narvaez, Lead II


ll:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Musick School 5735 Musick Ave. (510) 818-4000 (510) 818-4041

Isidra McCracken, Lead II


7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Snow School 6580 Mirabeau Dr. (510) 818-3900 (510) 818-3941

Margarita Moreno, Lead II


7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

NUSD Child Care Staff




Bunker Child Care provides a fun, safe, loving, caring, nurturing and secure environment. When children are actively engaged and construct their own knowledge through hands on activities in a stimulating environment, their growth and development flourish.  It is our purpose to help each child develops a sense of personal responsibility with in a secure environment and to provide an atmosphere in which the child can feel appreciated, build confidence, self esteem, diversity and social skills. We provide daily homework help Monday-Thursday. Our center provides a variety of activities; reading, puzzles, games, science, art, outside activities, caring community and student council.




Hello families,

I would like to tell you a little bit about Child Care at Kennedy. We are a caring family with boys and girls Kindergarten – 6th grade. Our center works like a large family. We respect each other, the belonging and building.

At the beginning of our afternoon, we share a short bit, have snack and break up into homework and play groups. Staff has checked to be sure all students are here. Arts and crafts are offered for everyday and special holidays as well-sharing family celebration and trips, activities, draws us close.

Science projects are our favorite activity as a group. Another favorite project is making zoo valentines for seniors at Newark Gardens -20-year’s now- The children walk over and deliver them – we meet some seniors they are delighted-

Como by for a visit anytime


 Jeet Agroia




My name is Katherine Knight. Working with children is my dream job. For over 35 years I have worked with children. I thought preschool for 14 years. I 1994 I was hired to work at Schilling in the classrooms, while my twin sons went to school there. In 1999 I started in the After School Child care. I enjoy helping and watching children learn new things as they explore the world. I look for games, home work helpers, toys, and books that teach math and science, arts and crafts; learning to be a team player, respecting others, getting along, and talking it over. 

This falls into the District’s “Creating a caring community,” Which is focused on problem-solving, flexibility, and clear boundaries. This is based on three principles: “Take care of yourself, take care for each other, take of our school.” We are working hard to establish students with tools to “Talk problem out which each other,” rather than hitting, pushing, name calling, or other behavior that is undesirable. It is the responsibility of everyone (staff, students, families, and the community) to create a safe and effective learning community.





  We offer a safe and nurture environment in which children’s development is either enhanced or hindered by the setting in which they spend so much of their formative years. We have different routines as: games, art and crafts, home work activity, outdoor play, healthy snacks, relaxing time, reading, music and dancing. We do science and math to improve children’s knowledge, exploration and hands-on skills.


You are welcome to come and visit us at any time to see how our room is the appropriate place for your child to be while you are in your work or other activities.







Musick C.C.C. is dedicated to the educational growth, expression, and well being of the whole child.  We offer healthy snacks, and a nurturing, secure, and stimulating environment in which with positive guidance techniques, and a balanced curriculum, children are able to reach their full potential in all areas of development. **Including that of social-emotional, cognitive, language, ethical, physical, and creativity.  Musick C.C.C. is the place to be!  Cordially,






Action Plan

2014 – 2015


1)  To maintain a safe, peaceful environment.

     a.    Encourage the children to take care of each other.

     b.   Encourage the children to show a sense of understanding of the feelings/experiences of others through verbal and physical expression.

     c.    Consider the needs and interests of others in group activities and seek ways in which to balance their own interests and needs with those of others.


2)   Enforce rules in order to create a positive and respectful environment.

      a.    Establish a routine that fulfills the children’s needs and encourages healthy habits.

      b.   Actively work in groups where children are expected to take care of each other.

      c.    Maintain communication and participation with parents in order to continue the effort towards a health

Girl Painting.png

About Nidia Sanchez-Rico

I was born in Colombia/South America. I have a husband and two children. As soon as I finished raising my children, I returned to school. I received my Bachelors in Human Development and a Masters in Teacher Education from California State University Eastbay. During ten years, I decided that the best strategy to be involved with my community was working hard in order to get the precise experience and go to school to acquire the knowledge in the field of education in order to implement new strategies and techniques in my career. Now, at Newark Unified School District as a Child Care Coordinator, I want to offer the children, the families, and the staff my guidance, support, energy, and happiness to increase children’s cognitive and socio-emotional skills, parents’ trust and confidence and staff‘s commitment to work on behalf of the children’s well-being. I want each site: Bunker, Kennedy, Lincoln, Milani, Musick, and Snow to become a second home for our children to relax and have fun in a safe environment while parents are working hard to offer their children a better future.


Nidia Sanchez Rico

Child Care Coordinator

About Rebecca Felix

Hello! I'm Rebecca and I have been an employee for the Newark Unified School District since the beginning of the 2001 School Year. I worked in the Human Resources department for 10 of those years servicing the entire school district and its employees. I have been working as the Administrative Secretary for the Child Care Department since September of 2011. I have raised two daughters who attended all Newark schools and graduated from Newark Memorial and are now enrolled in college and pursing their dreams. I truly enjoy working with my colleagues, all the children and strive to give our Newark families the best service and help I can provide to enroll their students in our on-site child care programs.


Rebecca Felix

Administrative Secretary

District Office Child Care