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Please note

The boundaries for 2016-2017 will be updated soon.


Effective 2016-2017:


Birch Grove Primary (serving TK through 2nd grade) will be in the Bunker Elementary site.


Birch Grove Intermediate (serving 3rd through 6th grade) will be in the Milani Elementary site. 

School Boundaries (2015-2016)


Abbey Ct Musick
Abbotford Ct Kennedy
Abington Dr/Ct Kennedy
Acorn Place Schilling
Addition Rd Bunker
Ajuga Ct Bunker
Albyn Ct Milani
Aleppo Dr Schilling
Alpine St Bunker
Amador Pl Milani
Amaryllis St Bunker
Anjou Pl Graham
Anvers Pl Graham
Aralia Dr Bunker
Arbeau Dr Snow
Arbutus Ct Bunker
Arden St Milani
Argonne St/Pl Snow
Arrowhead Pl Lincoln
Ash St Schilling
Ashbourne Ct Kennedy
Aspen Pl Lincoln
Aster Ct Milani
Auburn Ave Bunker


Baine Ave Milani
Balentine Dr Bunker
Barnard St Graham
Bath Pl Kennedy
Bayonne Dr/Pl Graham
Beech Pl Lincoln
Bellflower Dr Bunker
Bellhaven Ave/Pl Graham
Benicia Ave Bunker
Bennington Dr Graham
Bettencourt St Lincoln
Beutke Dr Schilling
Biddle Ave Musick
Birch Pl Milani
Birch St  
   3690036999- Lower Musick
   37000 - 37900 Milani
   38000 - Higher Bunker
Birkdale Dr/Pl Lincoln
Birkshire Pl Lincoln
Biscay Pl Snow
Bishop St/Way Musick
Bitteroot Ave Bunker
Blackburn Dr Kennedy
Blackwood Dr Musick
Bluebell Ct/Dr Bunker
Bluegrass Ct Bunker
Bolton Pl Kennedy
Bonnie St Graham
Bosworth Ct Kennedy
Bottle Brush Ct Schilling
Boyce Rd Bunker
Braidburn Ave Lincoln
Brandywine St Lincoln
Breton Dr/Pl Snow
Bridgepointe Dr Lincoln
Brighton Ct Kennedy
Bristol Pl Kennedy
Brittany Ave Snow
Broadway Ave/Pl Milani
Buckeye Pl/St Lincoln
Buckingham Ct Kennedy
Buena Vista Dr Bunker
Burdick St Musick
Burning Tree Dr Lincoln
Byington Drive Milani


Cabernet Ave Snow
Cabot Ct Schilling
Calais Pl Snow
California St Milani
Camass Ct Milani
Cambridge Ct Kennedy
Campanula Ct Bunker
Cardiff St Kennedy
Carter Ave Schilling
Casey Ct Kennedy
Castillon Dr Snow
Castleford Ct Kennedy
Cedar Blvd  
   6001 - 6375  All Snow
   6425 - 6927 Odd Snow
   6426 - 6994 Even Graham
   35000 - 35799 Kennedy
   35800 - 37299 Musick
   37300 - Higher Bunker
Cedar Ct Bunker
Central Ave Milani
Central Ct Schilling
Channel Dr Kennedy
Chapman Dr Kennedy
Charles St Musick
Charmwood Ct Kennedy
Chelsea Dr Kennedy
Cherry St  
   37238 - Lower Graham
   37240 - Higher Milani
Chestnut St Schilling
Cheviot Ct Kennedy
Christine St Graham
Cinnabar Ct Musick
Civic Terrace Ave Milani
Clark Ave Milani
Cleremont Dr. Snow
Cluny Pl Graham
Colbert Pl/St Lincoln
Columbine Pl Bunker
Concord Pl/St Graham
Conestoga Pl Lincoln
Cornwall Pl Kennedy
Cotton Ave Milani
Crestmont Ave Lincoln
Crocus Ct Milani
Croydon Pl Kennedy
Crystal Springs Ct/Dr Lincoln
Curie Pl Snow
Cypress Point Dr Lincoln


Dahlia Ave Milani
Dairy Ave Graham
Dalewood Ct/Dr Kennedy
Daphne Ct Bunker
Darvon Ct Musick
Darvon St  
  36470 – Lower Kennedy
  36471 - Higher Musick
Deborah St Graham
Del Monte Ave Lincoln
Delphinium Dr Bunker
Derby Pl Kennedy
Dichondra Pl Bunker
Dijon St Graham
Donegal Ct Kennedy
Dorchester Ct Kennedy
Dorking Ct Kennedy
Dover Ct Kennedy
Dryden Ct Kennedy
Dugan Ct Musick
Dumas Pl Lincoln
Dumbarton Ct Snow
Dupont Ave Musick


Ebbetts St Bunker
Edgewater Dr Kennedy
Edith St Musick
Elm St Schilling
Elmwood Ave Musick
Enfield Dr Kennedy
Enterprise Ct/Dr Schilling
Ervin Ct Musick
Escallonia Ct/Dr Bunker
Exeter Ct Kennedy
Ezra Dr Milani


Fair Ave/Ct Musick
Fairway Ct Lincoln
Falmouth Pl Kennedy
Farnham Dr Kennedy
Fernwood Dr/Ct Kennedy
Filbert St Schilling
Fir Ct Schilling
Fircrest St Snow
Firestone Ct Lincoln
Flanders Dr/Pl Snow
Flintwood Dr Musick
Fogwood Pl Musick
Fontaine Ave  
   6899 - Lower Graham
   6900 - Higher Lincoln
Forbes Drive Milani
Fowler Street Milani
Fuscia Ct Milani


Galletta Dr Milani
Garrone Ave/Pl Snow
George Ave` Graham
Geranium Ct/St Bunker
Goldenrod Dr. Milani
Graham Ave
   6999 – Lower               Graham
   7000 - Higher Schilling
Greenpoint Ct/St Milani
Greenwich Ct Kennedy
Greenwood Ct Milani
Guava Dr/Pl Bunker
Gum Ct Schilling


Hafner Ct/St/Way Musick
Haley St  
   35713-Lower Lincoln
   35714-35999 Snow
   36020 - 36470 Even Graham
   36021 - 36317 Odd Snow
   36319 – 36469 Odd Lincoln
Harlon Ct Musick
Hazelnut Dr/Pl Lincoln
Hebrides Ct Kennedy
Hermitage Ave Lincoln
Hickory St Schilling
Hill St Milani
Hitech Ct Snow
Honeysuckle Ct/Dr Milani
Humber Pl Kennedy
Hyacinth St Milani


Idlewild Ct Lincoln
Indian Wells Dr Lincoln
Ingraham Street Milani
Inverness Dr Lincoln
Ipswitch Ct Kennedy
Iris Ct Bunker


Jacaranda Ct/Dr Bunker
Jarvis Ave Snow
Jasmine Ave Bunker
Jennifer St Graham
Joaquin Murietta Av Bunker
John Muir Dr Bunker
Jonathan Dr/Pl Musick
Jonquil Dr Bunker
Juniper Ave Schilling


Kiote Dr Lincoln


Lafayette Ave  
  5900-5364 Musick
  5987-5365 Kennedy
  6012-6490 Graham
Lake Blvd Kennedy
Lakewood Ct/Dr Musick
Landes Pl Graham
Larkspur St Bunker
LaSalle Dr Graham
Laurel St Schilling
Lavender Pl Bunker
Leone St Graham
Levi St Bunker
Lido Blvd/Ct Snow
Linden Ct Schilling
Lobelia Ct/Dr Milani
Locust St Schilling
Long St Milani
Lotus Ct Bunker
Lundy Dr Kennedy
Lupine Ct Bunker


Madelaine Dr/Pl Snow
Magnolia St  
  36999 - Lower Graham
  37000 - Higher Schilling
Mahogany Pl Schilling
Maidstone Ct Kennedy
Mandarin Ave Schilling
Manzanita St  
  37999 - Lower Milani
  38000 - Higher Bunker
Maple St Schilling
Marguerite Dr Bunker
Market Ave/Pl Milani
Marne Pl Snow
Marshlands Rd Lincoln
Marsten Drive Milani
Martel Pl Graham
Mayhews Landing Rd  
  6099 - Lower Musick
  6100-6999 Graham
  7000-7299 Schilling
  7301-Higher Odd Lincoln
  7300 -Higher Even Schilling
McDonald Ave Kennedy
McLaughlin Ave Musick
Meadowlark Ct Lincoln
Merion Dr Lincoln
Milani Ave Musick
Millwood Ct Kennedy
Mirabeau Dr Snow
Mistflower Ave Milani
Mockorange Ct Bunker
Montcalm Ave Graham
Moores Ave Bunker
Morning Glory Ct Bunker
Mowry Ave Bunker
Mowry School Rd Bunker
Mulberry St Graham
Munyan St Musick
Musick Ave Musick


Nancy Pl Lincoln
Narcissus Ave Bunker
Nelson Pl Kennedy
Newark Blvd  
  36100 – Lower Even Musick
  36100-Lower Odd Snow
  36201-37299 Odd Graham
  36200-37298 Even Musick
Newcastle Pl Kennedy
Noel Ave Graham
Normandy Dr Snow
Northampton Ct Kennedy
Norwich Pl Kennedy
Nottingham Ct Kennedy
Nutmeg Ct Schilling


Oak St Schilling
Oldham Pl Kennedy
Oleander Dr Bunker
Olive St  
  37170 -  Lower Graham
  37172 - Higher Milani
Olympic Ct Lincoln
Orkney Ct Kennedy
Orleans Dr Snow
Overlake Ave/Pl Snow
Oxford Pl Kennedy


Papaya St Schilling
Par Ct Lincoln
Parada St Bunker
Parkshore Dr Kennedy
Parkside Pl Musick
Peach Ct Schilling
Peachtree Ave Schilling
Pebble Beach Ave Lincoln
Peppertree Ct. Bunker
Persimmon Pl Schilling
Peugeot Pl Graham
Picardy Pl Graham
Plummer Ave/Pl Milani
Pomegranate Ave Milani
Ponderosa Ct Lincoln
Poplar St Schilling
Port Anchorwood Pl Musick
Port Fogwood Pl Musick
Port Sailwood Dr Musick
Port Tidewood St Musick
Portrero Dr Bunker
Portsmouth Ave/Ct Kennedy
Preston Pl Kennedy
Provance St Snow


Quartz Pl Bunker
Quicksilver Ave Bunker
Quince Pl Bunker


Radcliffe Ave Graham
Ramsgate Dr. Kennedy
Ravenwood Ave Kennedy
Redbud Ct Schilling
Redwood Ct Schilling
Reina Pl Musick
Reymouth Dr Kennedy
Rich Ave Schilling
Rinconada Ct Lincoln
Robertson Ave  
   Even Bunker
   Odd Milani
Rochelle Ave  
  6462 - 6948 Even Graham
  6461 - 6947 Odd Snow
  6949 and above Snow
Rockport Ct Kennedy
Rockrose Ct/Dr Bunker
Rockspray St Milani
Rose Ct Kennedy
Rosewood Dr Kennedy
Rubicon Ave Bunker
Rugby Pl Kennedy
Ruschin Dr  
  35724 - 36293 Kennedy
  All rest Musick
Rutland Ct Kennedy


St Christopher St/Way Musick
St Edwards St Milani
St Isabel Ave Musick
St Luke Ct Milani
St Mark Ave Musick
St Mary St Musick
St Matthew Dr Milani
St Paul Dr Milani
Salisbury Dr Kennedy
San Antonio St/Way Musick
Sandalwood St Kennedy
Saxon Ct Kennedy
Scarborough Dr Kennedy
Sequoia Ct Lincoln
Severn Dr/Pl Kennedy
Shady Hollow Dr Lincoln
Shelley Ct Kennedy
Sheridan Ct Kennedy
Shorehaven Ave/Pl Lincoln
Silk Ct Schilling
Silverado Pl Lincoln
Smith Ave Bunker
Snow Ave Schilling
Somerset Pl Kennedy
Souza Ave Musick
Spencer Ct Musick
Spruce Ct Schilling
Spruce St  
  36629 - Lower Lincoln
  36630 - Higher Schilling
Stafford Pl Kennedy
Starflower Ct/St Milani
Station Rd Bunker
Stirling Ct Kennedy
Stonecress Ave Bunker
Sugar Pine Ct Lincoln
Sunrose Ave Milani
Sunset Ave Schilling
Surrey Ct Kennedy
Sussex Pl Kennedy
Swift Ct Kennedy
Swindon Pl Kennedy
Sycamore St Schilling


Tait Ct Milani
Tanforan Ct Lincoln
Tenaya Ave Musick
Thomas Ave Milani
Thornton Ave  
  7199 - Lower Graham
  7200 - Higher Schilling
Timber St Milani
Tottenham Ct Kennedy
Toulon Pl Graham
Toulouse St Snow
Tourraine Dr/Pl Snow
Tozier St Snow
Truckee Ct Bunker
Tudor Pl Kennedy
Turnbridge Dr Kennedy
Tyne Pl Kennedy


Vinewood St Kennedy


Walnut St Schilling
Wedgewood Street Milani
Wells Ave Schilling
Wembley Ct Kennedy
Wentworth Pl Lincoln
Westbury Ct Kennedy
Willow St / Place Schilling
Wilma Ave Graham
Winchester Pl Kennedy
Windermere Dr Kennedy
Wingate Pl Kennedy
Winsford Ct Kennedy
Wintergreen Dr Bunker
Woodbine Pl Bunker
Woodruff Dr Bunker
Worthing Dr Kennedy
Wycombe Pl Kennedy


Yarmouth Ct Kennedy
Yew Ct Schilling


Zulmida Ave Graham