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Report Cards

Electronic Report Card Procedure

  • Find your grade, then copy those files (“Master” and “Report Card Back” to your desktop or a folder on your hard drive.  Open the file by double clicking on the file’s icon. That will launch Microsoft Word.
  • The forms were created using Microsoft Word, and can be read using Word 97, Word 2000, as well as Word for Apple.
  • This file is a Form Document.  You can only enter data in specified parts of the Report Card.  These areas appear as black boxes on the document.  The first area to enter data will be the YEAR. Type in “2007/2008.” Then strike the TAB key. This will place the cursor in the Name field. Enter the student’s name.  Then strike the TAB key.  Next type in the school name.  Strike the TAB key again and type your name.  Save the file using the  ‘SAVE AS’ command in the file menu, using the student’s name as the new file name.  (Remember where you saved the file, of course.)  Don’t close the file.  Double click on the student’s name.  It should now be highlighted.  Type in the next student’s name and do a SAVE AS with that new student’s name.  Repeat the process until you have a file for each student.  You will use these files to enter Report Card data for all three trimesters.
  • Now open any student’s file.  Use the TAB key to get to the first Reading Standard to enter the data.  Now TAB three more times to get you to the next Reading Standard for the 1st Trimester.  (The TAB has to go left to right before it returns down.)  Enter the data and repeat the process for Science, History, and Math.  (If you wish to TAB backwards, hold the Shift Key down while you strike the TAB key.)
  • After you TAB from the last Math Standard, you will see that one of the Intervention boxes is shaded.  If Intervention is required for that student, use your mouse to click in that box. An “X” will appear in that box.  If no Intervention is required continue to TAB until a black box appears in the “Comments” box.  Type your comment.  It will automatically limit you to 4-5 lines of text.  “Please note that the Spell-Check feature is inactive when typing in a Form, so “check your own work.
  • After completing the Comment Box, TAB through the next two Comment Boxes until you reach the proper boxes to enter data in the EFFORT, STUDY SKILLS, and SOCIAL SKILLS section.  Enter the appropriate ‘E’, ‘S’, or ‘N’.
  • TAB to the OTHER SERVICES, and use the mouse to click in the boxes. (Skip boxes that don’t apply)  PLEASE NOTE:  Federal regulations and the Office of Civil Rights prohibit Special Education information from appearing in these records. TAB, and then enter the ATTENDANCE data.  (Skip the ASSIGNMENT NEXT YEAR box for now.)
  • If you continue to TAB you will be back at the top of the Report Card.  You are now finished and need to save the file. 
  • Make sure you have loaded white, 8½ x 14 paper in your printer.  Print the file.  This white copy of the Report Card will be used for the Parent Signature at the Conference.  Save this paper for your records.
  • Now insert the proper color 8½ x 14 paper in your printer.  Print a batch of the back for each of your students.  Then reinsert the paper upside down in your printer and print the front, so you now have a back-to-back copy just like the NCR Report Cards. The color copy is given to the parent at the conference.  (Remember to keep the signed white copy for your records.  It will eventually be stapled to the last Report Card in June and placed in the students’ cumulative file.)