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FOSS Science Information

Science Resource Teachers (SRTs)






Bryan Blattel



M, T, W, TH, F


Barbara Hogan





T, W, TH, F




Dana Wright





T, W, Th, F




Amy Blakley



T, F


Lisa Landis





M,   T, W, TH, F (11am)

F (before 11am)



Rachel Bloom





T, W, TH, F

M, W




Science Support Staff

Leonor Rebosura

District Office- EBIC


Diane Hoban

Instructional Materials/Science Center


Danielle Johnson

Instructional Materials/Science Center


2017 Life Science Delivery Schedule Information

IMC plans to shop for local materials (fruits, veggies & goldfish) on Mondays each week of the LS Module. If you need anything (ex. critter food) please email by 7:30 am. I will try to keep some items on hand in our fridge & our tanks.

ALL Deliveries for Niles will be on Tuesdays (unless you have special needs pre-arranged).


Emergency Niles orders MUST be made by Wednesday noon to make the next Tuesday delivery date.


Questions?  Email IMC@newarkunified.org for fastest service.

Or call: Diane 4218 – Danielle 4216


Delivery Schedule:

March 14  (Niles Biological deliveries start)

March 21

March 28

April 4

April 11  (NO silkworm orders after this date)

April 17 - April 21 Spring Break – NO Deliveries

April 25

May 2

May 9

May 16

May 23

May 31  (Wednesday delivery because of the holiday)



June 9 – ALL Life Science materials returned to IMC (plants, animals, extra investigations/kits) for school site shut down preparations.

Ordering and Planning Information for Live Materials

When making your lesson plans; please note that delivery of your critters usually arrive from Niles Biological to the IMC on Tuesday’s after 1pm. We will then need to ready it for delivery, sometimes dividing an order to share with another teacher. Critters will be delivered that day or the following morning. You need to have your habitats up and ready for Tuesday delivery.


Coordinating with your grade level Staff and SRT’s at your site is greatly encouraged and appreciated. Please choose your critters & amounts needed with care to avoid waste.


When you have finished your investigations please call or email to arrange for a pick-up. Critters should be packaged/labeled and in your office by 8:30am for pick-up.


You may give fish away to students as returned fish may contaminate our tanks. Otherwise; return them for disposal.


Butterflies & Worms are the only live materials to be released into the environment.


Please don’t hesitate to call or email IMC@newarkunified.org  or  http://www.fossweb.com/plant-animal-care for more detailed information.

Site Management of FOSS Kits

Inventory and Replacement Materials for Teachers

  • At the end of the rotation, do an inventory of your kit using a new Inventory & Order Form. These are found on the district website. Fill in BOTH the “Have” & “Need” columns. Use the “Comments/Reason” column on the form to explain the need for replacement materials. ALWAYS INCLUDE THE KIT NUMBER.
    • Comment/Reason Examples:
      • Consumable item; 2 broke & 1 cracked, used all
      • Permanent item: 1 badly worn, broken, no longer works, leaks etc.
      • Kit is short permanent materials upon first use (always check with SRT/Science Team first to see if the missing materials have been borrowed before requesting replacement materials).
  • Send ALL refillable bottles, containers and investigation bags back to IMC for refilling i.e.: fish food & plant food containers, vinegar bottles, bubbles containers, mock rock investigations, homemade soil, etc.
  • Depending on your site procedures, send the completed form to your SRT or directly to IMC. Keep a copy for your records.


Inventory and Replacement Materials for SRT/Science Team

  • The SRTs or Science teams will compile the inventory sheets (making sure the kit number is on each form) and send to IMC.
  • When requesting multiple materials for 1 particular module; fill out an Inventory & Order Form for the total number of items needed. Use “SRT” as the kit# and IMC will return items to the SRT.
    • Example:  You have 3 Wood & Paper Kits for your site. You can combine the replacement request of these kits onto one Inventory & Order Form. Use SRT as Kit # and items will be sent to the SRT.


Extra Investigation Ordering

  • SRT’s can order extra investigations from IMC (consumable or permanent) when needed; if a site has more than 2 classrooms per grade. Please write Extra in the space for the Kit number.


Please have all replacement requests to IMC no later than 3 weeks after the rotation is finished.


IMC personnel are available for questions or coming to your site.

Contact us at IMC@newarkunified.org


NUSD Science FOSS Teaching Window Schedule

8/26/16 - 6/17/17

FOSS Science Teaching Window #1


Earth Science

Aug. 25, 2016 –

Dec. 2, 2016


FOSS Science Teaching Window #2


Physical Science

Dec. 5, 2016 –

Mar. 10, 2017


FOSS Science Teaching Window #3


Life Science

Mar. 13, 2017 –

Jun. 17, 2017


Live Order Deadline:

Mar. 10, 2017

Live Animal Delivery starts:
Mar. 21, 2017

thru May 30, 2017


*Silkworm eggs should

be started no later than

April 11*


Subject to Change

Using your Inventory Sheets as a Tool

When using your FOSS Kit for its first usage, it is very important to review the TE and the Inventory Sheets within the Kit carefully.

Be aware that you may need to allow more time to prepare the materials for some investigations.  Give yourself time to preview the contents of your kit.

As you’re working on the investigations, keep the Inventory Sheet available to record damages/ replacements needed / missing items/and items broken (marking item).

At the end of the rotation, complete the Inventory Sheet and fill in the “Comments/Reason” for broken or damaged materials being returned to IMC for replacement.

Using your Inventory Sheet as a check off list ensures all items are returned to the kit and refurbishment is completed. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated by the SRT’s and the next teacher using the kit.