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Logistics Planning - Traffic/Safety Concerns



Proposal A:

Crossing guard at Robertson and Birch with an additional crosswalk

Proposal B:

“No Parking” cones at back of Bunker to create drive-through drop-off/ pick-up lane with additional campus monitor/yard duty supervision

Proposal C:

Create walking groups/carpools


  • Definitely

  • Quick, easy and inexpensive solution

  • More safety

  • Crossing guard on Robertson side

  • Slow down traffic

  • A lot of foot traffic and bikes

  • There is a light



  • Also at Birch and Smith?

  • Concern that parents will just leave the kids at any crossing guard and walk away

  • Add a stop light or a 4-way stop

  • Value added?

  • Crosswalks

  • Signal (stop light) due to new homes

  • Light may cause more congestion

  • Add in Prop B “No Parking” cones to help with movement

  • Speed bump at Robertson

  • Good placement

  • Consider a light or 4-way stop because of new homes

  • Consider a traffic patrol person, too

  • Crossing Central has more traffic

  • Would not be as helpful- it is more about timing the signal lights


  • Yes, with supervision and traffic direction

  • Definitely for safety reasons

  • It will enforce parking/traffic flow

  • Can utilize Bunker parking lot at the back of the park

  • Drop-off only

  • Curbside drop-off like Kennedy

  • Faster and speedier

  • Parent volunteer to escort younger students to classroom

  • If supervision is provided, bypasses the need for early child care



  • Cars must keep moving

  • Need strong supervision

  • Coordinate with police

  • Parents who park and walk could be challenged

  • Park & Rec approval?

  • Only at school open and close times, normal other times

  • Already have a system- will be same number of kids

  • Is this really an issue?

  • Not an issue now, you aren’t adding more students to either school

  • Need additional parking

  • Drop off door-to-door

  • Back-up at Milani parking lot

  • Ensure supervision can direct traffic

  • Milani concern

  • Influx of traffic

  • Consider a stop light at Robertson

  • 4-way stop sign on Robertson and late parents rushing will increase traffic

  • After 7:55 this area is like a parking lot


  • Reduce cars and traffic

  • Positive social

  • Could connect to environmental positives

  • Safety in groups- parents chaperone groups for safety

  • Cut back in traffic

  • Logical for student safety



  • Limited access for working parents?

  • Include parents with NJHS students

  • Set up easy online “Sign Up Genius” with conditions (your address, days)

  • Start times

  • Employee, volunteer liability

  • Too personal

  • May not want kids to ride with people you don’t know

  • Informal meeting ahead of time

  • Need a crossing guard

  • Personal- should be arranged by families, not NUSD

  • Time constraints

  • Impractical

Alternate Proposals


Alternate Proposals:


Crossing Guards

  • Crossing guards at every corner between here and there- parent volunteers and paid staff, as part of parent hours required

  • Could older students volunteer, too?

  • Place at exit driveway area


Milani Parking Lot

  • Create a parking lot/zone next to Milani or on street


Create No Parking Zone for Milani

  • Parents need a place to park when visiting campus

  • Traffic backs up to the light- stand still


Crosswalk to Milani Courts

  • Crossing guards at crosswalks between Milani and courts off Birch


Speed Bumps

  • Person more helpful than a speed bump


Build Pedestrian Overpass on Central


Bike Lanes


Crosswalk on Guava Dr.


Shuttle Bus

  • Two buses from to/from both campuses

  • Could relieve traffic between both schools

  • Who pays?


Considerations for Above Proposals

  • Require city approval?

  • Milani has big traffic issues and lack of parking

  • More roundabouts at Bunker- older grades should be there

  • Really need to have timing of school to give more solutions

  • Hire a professional traffic planner to determine flow, rush times, needs for signals, signs

  • Only 25 parking spots available at Bunker if parents want to walk child to the other campus, where will they park?

  • Montessori school on both sides of Bunker area increasing traffic

  • Push back the line where cars stop at light- is this possible? Widen crosswalk

  • Both schools need more parking, especially at Milani