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Joint Bunker/Milani Staff Meeting Concerns


How will technology be distributed among both sites?

  • Gather up every piece of technology and divide it in half. Half for both sites.
  • Decide which grade levels need the technology more (e.g. upper grades give SBAC test so they will need the chrome book carts. Primary- iPad, etc.)
  • Keep things as is at each site.
  • More tech needs to move to Milani because upper grade classes need more.
  • Model classroom tech to follow teacher.
  • Upper grades should have more tech available- research, SBAC practice
  • 2nd grade needs tech practice for SBAC
  • K-1 teachers need/use tech for centers
  • Every site should have equitable access to Chrome books and Technology
  • Money from district should be used as a priority for tech
  • We need more Chromebook carts
  • Computer Lab use, paid person to teach computer skills
  • Bunker- lower grades get 6 chrome books in each classroom; Milani- upper grades get Chrome carts
  • K-2- Five Chrome books per class; 3-6 Chrome carts
  • K-2- Six Chrome books per class; 3-6- 1 chrome cart per class
  • Two carts per grade level
  • Ceiling mounted projectors
  • Document cameras for everyone

How can we help to build community?

  • Family Night Events (Taste of Nations, Movie Nights, Potluck, Science Night, Math, Game, Social, Team Building, Assemblies- school songs)
  • School Work Day (School Beautification)
  • Parent Club- teacher involvement
  • Become a magnet dual immersion school (like in Livermore or Hayward)
  • Have ESL classes for parents.
  • Have students visit their new school if they are switching.
  • It would be helpful to know what area of the school they will be in.
  • Sensitivity awareness assembly
  • Community BBQ at end of this school year
  • Cultural pot luck with cultural entertainment
  • Take classes on field trips this year to schools and Birch Grove Park
  • Lunch Box Social together; choose a family
  • Food!
  • Team Building Assemblies
  • Pen Pals between schools- same grades
  • Meet up at the end of the year
  • Meet and greet at new school; form buddies
  • Visit the other school for the day
  • Joint promotion to Junior High
  • Educated; same standards
  • Press (Newspaper, News, TV)
  • One joint event (ice cream social, BBQ, Valentine’s Dance) this year on both campuses
  • Grade levels from both schools meet (park, etc.) at each school this year
  • Merge activities

How  will teachers best be supported in moving classrooms (either to other site or to a new room at same site)?

  • Staffing is decided early. Teachers are notified ahead of time and allow the transition to take place slowly. (District packs up district stuff. Teachers get hourly pay to start packing their stuff on weekends, etc. during last few weeks of school.)
  • Who moves? Who decides?
  • If teacher is staying at site, don’t move classrooms
  • Save that time/money for teachers who are moving sites
  • If you’re going to move and uproot everything, do it right the first time and set up grade level wings
  • On the last week of school, have a week of minimum days so teachers can start packing up their things.
  • Do the move the week or weeks right before school starts and pay teachers hourly.
  • Milani teachers stay at their site. Bunker teachers stay at their site. The teachers that stay at their sites will then have to change grade levels. (So Milani teachers will all be grades 3-6; Bunker teachers will all be K-2)
  • An extra day for those moving sites.
  • Facilities should take request to move or add/remove classroom environment material/ equipment/ furniture
  • Five days with pay for teachers to move.
  • MOT to move larger/heavier things
  • Avoid unnecessary class movements
  • Furniture should suit size/age of students
  • We want to take our own stuff including furniture
  • District to provide boxes/ packing material
  • District provides boxes and time paid to take down and set up
  • Volunteers from community and high school to pack, label, and help move.
  • District pays for five days minimum to pack and move and unpack
  • If you’re not moving rooms, you are helping someone who is
  • District provides labor to move boxes and heavy items.
  • Extra paid days to move classrooms- at least two days, more preferred
  • Schedule/timeline for pack up, move, set up
  • In June, be ready to invite parents, less stressful than before school starts
  • Help with parent tours
  • Professional Moving Company; staff packs, unpacks- school to school, room to room (Not everyone wants a moving company packing their stuff)
  • Do it yourself! Where was the district of NTA’s concern during the RIF process when teachers were packing and moving
  • Need to be paid to pack, move, and unpack
  • Needs to happen and be completed in June 2016
  • Extra hands to help with packing/moving (High school volunteers for community service hours)
  • District vehicles/movers for furniture/boxes
  • 2 weeks paid to move/ set up


Additional staff comments January 2016

  • Consider allowing job shares for more than 5 years
  • Principals are not as present at sites due to merger
  • Important for HR to verify employee seniority dates (take into account change in seniority due to maternity leave)
  • Important to also include CSEA
  • Putting money and resources on moving 6th graders to JH would create additional space at Bunker and Milani
  • The merger is happening too fast without necessary input from teachers and site staff
  • I am concerned about teachers wanting to transfer from Bunker or retire early. The culture we have created will be dismantled. Bunker has built a very successful recipe for success/rapport with each other and families/communities. I don’t know if it is worth uprooting this.
  • There are many concerns being voice, but we don’t feel our voice/concerns/ideas are being heard. Staff has little buy in and little confidence in decision making
  • Schools will create disjointed involvement. Parents will have to divide their time and be less involved when they are only part of a school community for a few years. It’s an issue at the JH now.
  • We are trying to force square pegs into round holes, forcing change rather than thinking through other options such as overflowing students to other schools, busing students to other schools, adding enrichment programs to other schools